About Us

Blackhouse Angus and Hereford is grass-fed beef at its finest. We’re driven by our commitment to chemical-free, sustainable farming practices, and our love for truly delicious meat.

At Blackhouse, we’re a family business. Andy, the proud owner, has been raising cows since he was just a boy, following at his father’s and grandfather’s work boots. Stop by one day, and you may see a grandkid or two running around at Andy’s heels. There you’ll also see that on 86 acres of beautiful farmland, over 50 cows eat the fresh grass of spacious pastures. Without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemical, Blackhouse can guarantee that the meat you receive is exactly how it was intended to be: lean, rich, and full of flavor.

Our herd is a closed-herd; which means that our cows breed yearly, and the young stay in the herd. Our meat is raised naturally here, on our farm, from birth. You can’t get Blackhouse Angus or Hereford beef anywhere else.

At the end of the day, our ultimate satisfaction comes from doing what we love, and seeing the satisfied faces of our customers.

We’re part of making a healthier world, and we stand by each and every product we sell - guaranteed.

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